About Us

Soar Valley Weaving was started in 1993 by Mike Padmore with the aim to manufacture and supply cap tallies to the Navy and Sea Cadets worldwide. Mike has spent over 40 years in the textile industry and has a specialised knowledge of his product.

Mike found a niche market for the supply of cap tallies to HMS ships and Sea Cadets, but is no longer limited to this and is happy to supply cap tallies to any individual or organisation that has a need for them.

Soar Valley Weaving are an approved source of supply to M.O.D. specification and are unique from any other suppliers by striving to give each customer a personal service, seeking to accommodate individual requirements.

We are happy to supply cap tallies for:

  • One offs
  • Special orders
  • Collectors orders
  • Open days
  • Events and conferences
  • Large orders for crews and cadets

Cap Tallies

Soar Valley Weaving cap tallies can be found on the caps of many naval and sea cadet corps around the world. The cap tallies are high quality and are made with a black polyester material, the name being woven with gold wire or gold polyester yarn.

The cap tallies are fade resistant, strong, and sturdy and provide an extremely neat appearance to finish off the smartest of uniforms.

A standard sea cadet corps cap tally is 45” long although we are happy to produce lengths to meet your specifications. We can weave as few or as many letters onto the tally as you require, finishing and starting at a point that best fits your cap.

Cap tallies are great presents for ex seaman and can have birthday and celebration messages or their old ships name woven on them. We are always happy to produce that special one off cap tally right through to large orders and we pride ourselves on a quick fulfilment of every order placed.

Worldwide Orders Welcome